We employ a holistic, multi-generational approach to wealth management for the entire financial lifecycle, from the early stages of wealth growth / preservation throughout the wealth distribution phase, by offering guidance on investment goals as well as financial planning for life events like college and retirement.

In today’s global investment environment, there are constant innovations in products, research and technology. You can count on us to ensure you can accomplish your investment goals in this complex and often confusing environment.

Working together with your tax accountant and estate planning attorney, we generate the necessary synergy across the spectrum of your wealth management needs that will enable you to pursue your financial goals with confidence.

Intelligent investment management

Our investment process is the result of 20+ years of research, analysis and experience. It is a disciplined, repeatable process. We do not invest based on “gut feeling,” emotion or speculation about what the future might hold. We use analytical tools and sound judgment to guide our decisions. While others may try to outguess or outsmart the market (a fool’s game), we focus on being smart about it.

We design, implement and manage sophisticated strategies based on each client's unique needs and life goals. Services include:

Investment Planning

Define the risk/return profile based on the characteristics and beliefs that are unique to each client

Investment Selection

A full spectrum of investment choices, including institutional funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors and Vanguard

Market Perspective and Guidance

Objectively identify, analyze and communicate important variables that materially affect long-term performance

Portfolio Analysis and Construction

Utilize Nobel Prizing-winning Modern Portfolio Theory, powerful statistical tools and the latest industry research from the brightest minds

Risk Management

Continuous monitoring to ensure that the portfolio maintains the appropriate risk parameters

Tax Optimization

Strive to maximize real, after-tax returns

Financial planning

We provide critical support and guidance to ensure that your finances support your ambitions throughout your life. Services include:

Retirement Income Planning

Ensure you have a sustainable income to meet your spending needs for a secure retirement

Education Planning

Assist in determining best vehicle and / or timing for college saving goals

Insurance and Risk Management

Protect against catastrophic losses

Tax Mitigation

Minimize the impact of taxes through tax saving strategies

Generational Wealth Transfer

Maximize the transfer of family wealth to future generations

Charitable Giving

Maximize the transfer of family wealth to charitable organizations

Assistance to spouse/heirs

Provide guidance and protect interests when transitioning from the primary decision maker

“Let’s focus on
what’s most important.”– Nolan Jones, Founder